Ravens vs Rams

Ravens vs Rams: The Rams and the Ravens will square off at 5:15 pacific time on Monday, with Los Angeles looking to move to 3-0 on Monday Night Football Ravens vs Rams Live under head coach Sean McVay. The two teams last met in the regular season on November 22, 2015 in Baltimore. Overall, it will be just the seventh regular season meeting between them.

The Ravens are compiling one of the most efficient offensive seasons in history and Lamar Jackson may be the frontrunner for MVP. The Rams, meanwhile, are in jeopardy of missing the playoffs one year after appearing in the Super Bowl.

Baltimore is one of the public’s most popular sides for Week 12, but our experts warn against blindly betting the red-hot Ravens. Between the Rams’ ferocious interior defensive line and a creaky inner half of the Baltimore offensive line, the Monday night matchup should be a close one.

The NFC North took on a whole new look after Sunday’s action. Thanks to the 49ers handling the Packers in emphatic fashion on Sunday evening, the Packers dropped down to the third seed and are way behind the 8 ball in terms of trying to secure the top overall seed in the NFC, or even a first-round bye.

More importantly, Green Bay has to worry about Minnesota lurking. The Vikings, who are hot and coming off a bye, will head to Seattle to play the Seahawks in primetime (Kirk Cousins vs. Russell Wilson on a big stage, what could possibly go wrong!?). The Packers get a reprieve, but have to head across the country to play the woeful Giants.

The two teams won’t meet again until Week 16, but there is a very good chance the division title will be at stake when they do.

Aaron Rodgers might do well to ask Jon Gruden and Derek Carr about the dangers of a trip to New Jersey. The Raiders were pounding on the door of the playoffs and just went to East Rutherford and got dominated by the Jets. The Raiders are still in the hunt, but that no-show effort was concerning, especially with a matchup against the Chiefs coming next week. There are too many decent-to-good teams in the AFC to mess around and give away a game.No one really wants to work hard this week. Thanksgiving — a perfect holiday that marries football, food, family, and online shopping — is mere days away. We are all just skating until Wednesday afternoon gets here and we peace out a few hours early to try to beat the traffic (spoiler: we will not).

That pre-holiday restlessness extends to the football field, apparently. Many teams, players, coaches, and officials looked entirely unenthused to be working this Sunday, because it showed in ugly game after ugly game.

Week 12 was summed up most accurately by the Patriots’ 13-9 win over the Cowboys. What should have been an exciting matchup between two of the most popular (and hated) teams in the NFL turned into a rain-soaked slopfest. The offense was at a minimum, the only real highlight came via a blocked punt, the refs decided to call two BS tripping penalties that confused everyone, and Jason Garrett’s decision-making might’ve earned himself a one-way ticket to New York.San Francisco kicked off a historically difficult stretch in style, with a primetime pummeling of the Packers (try and say that three times fast), sacking future Hall-of-Famer Aaron Rodgers five times and holding him to a historically inept 104 passing yards on 33 attempts (an awful 3.2 yards per pass). This top-ranked 49ers pass defense is for real and the main reason why this is a legit Super Bowl contender.

So, Green Bay better hope their path to the Super Bowl somehow stays east of the Mississippi River because no matter what they do, they’re 0-for-West Coast.The NFL flex-scheduled the Packers-49ers contest into the Sunday night slot, a sensible decision to showcase the NFC’s top-seeded teams entering the weekend. But in the process, Seahawks-Eagles — this matchup was the originally scheduled SNF game — was relegated to a 1 p.m. ET start.

Didn’t love it for Seattle, which won but had to deal with another early kickoff on the East Coast, and hated it for afternoon viewing purposes. Cowboys-Patriots on Fox was a sexy matchup, but a weather-impaired game wasn’t much fun to watch … though better than the CBS offering of Jaguars-Titans. Please, Commissioner Goodell, can we try to build in (or flex in) a little more variety in the late Sunday afternoon viewing window — especially when games are potentially stripped out of it?

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